Martha Poarch Giles Sledd, Licensed Professional Counselor, a good counselor in Roanoke, Va at Tanglewood Counseling and Psychology, providing Cognitive, Affective, Behavioral, Family, Marital, and Sex Therapy. Therapies for individuals and couples, including marriage counseling or a humane approach to divorce counseling.Similar to the services of a psychologist, she conducts counseling for depression, anxiety, personal problems, talk therapy or consultation to determine if you need therapy, as sometimes we just need someone to talk to.
Tanglewood Counseling & Psychology
4220 Cypress Park Dr, Suite B
Roanoke, Virginia 24018
I am a licensed professional counselor
(LPC). I've been licensed since 1980 and I
have a private practice here in Roanoke.

I utilize several treatment modalities which
can include Cognitive, Affective, Behavioral,
or Relational/Family/Couples Therapy.
Which in layman's terms means changing
the way one thinks, feels, behaves and
relates to others. In my 35 years of
practice, I have been able to assist
people to make therapeutic change in
an average of 14 to 18 sessions. Some
people require less and some require more
sessions depending on the complexity of
their situation. Sexual therapy usually
requires approximately 20 sessions.

My treatment plans, which are to
be completed by the clients,
include therapeutic readings
(for those who are receptive to
reading, as an adjunct to out
patient therapy), written
homework assignments,
and structured sessions. I take
notes during the sessions
to memorialize not only
the content of the
sessions, but to also
note and create
consistency to the
plans mutually established
week to week with you.

Poarch Sledd, LPC
(c) Copyright 2009
Poarch G. Sledd LPC