Martha Poarch Giles Sledd, Licensed Professional Counselor, a good counselor in Roanoke, Va at Tanglewood Counseling and Psychology, providing Cognitive, Affective, Behavioral, Family, Marital, and Sex Therapy. Therapies for individuals and couples, including marriage counseling or a humane approach to divorce counseling.Similar to the services of a psychologist, she conducts counseling for depression, anxiety, personal problems, talk therapy or consultation to determine if you need therapy, as sometimes we just need someone to talk to.
So, you're considering counseling and probably wondering:

"How do I know if I need counseling?"

Well, for one thing, if you've been pondering that
question for a while, then you could just make an
appointment for a single consultation to explore if
what counseling offers could "fit" what's been
bothering you.  It is certainly reasonable to have
a single consultation before making or not
making a commitment to several weeks of
therapy.  An initial visit could  help you sort
out your thoughts and feelings
about a particular situation and
establish if you are already
on track with resolving your
dilemma with your own
efforts or whether you
may need assistance.

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